Sunday, April 26, 2009

Because My Fairy Blog Mother Said So, That's Why!

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My Fairy Blog Mother, Annette, is at it again. She's passed on not one, but two awards to me today. Check them out:

List 7 things th
at make you Awe-Summm and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love.Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won! Also link back to the Queen who tagged you.

Can I get like a sticker or a t-shirt or a badge or something? I like things to be official. Thank you Fairy Blog Mother. <--- Hear this like a chorus of children saying it in unison, that's pretty much how it sounds in my head. Not that I am admitting to hearing voices or anything. Except to tell you how they sound. Hmmmm..... Seven things that make me awesome? Let me go poll the children. Via text message, of course, which is their preferred method of communication. For the sake of clarity, these children are aged 16-23. Response #1: "? What?" - Not exactly what I was hoping for... let's move on to... Response #2: "The fact that you will get your son a new phone as an act of kindness =]" Respondents 3 & 4 Must be taking a long time because there are so many things to list. It is going to be difficult to narrow this down to seven things. I can tell already. Respondent #1 seems to be a bit hung up now, too. I wonder if they all need new phones?

#1 has finally come back with an answer (wise-guy) She says "Your kids." I'm through with her for now. But wait until she has a blog to write, see how much help I decide to be.

Respondents 3 & 4 are still mum. I guess they took this as more of an essay question. It could take a few weeks to really write a good paper titled "What makes mom awesome." I will just pencil them in as 'pending'.

Response #3: pending
Response #4: pending

Clearly, these people have never met me or something.

I think maybe we should forget about the children. (Possibly for a long long time, like let them starve.)

Let me think... What do people say about me? Other people think I am awesome. Right? Anyone? ANYone? Is this thing on? Oh, hi Annette. It's just you out there, all alone tonight.

Fine, I'll do it myself.

1. I can pick up things with my toes. Monkey toes = awesome.

2. I love babies and my puppy. They love me, too. The puppy is pretty doggone human. Not sure if that is important at all or not. Just thought I would throw it in. Also? I said 'doggone' about the puppy. *snicker* Which takes us to #3

3. I'm clever. Often funny. Sometimes downright hilarious. (Sometimes even on purpose!)

4. I admit when I am wrong. It's rare enough I can afford to be generous. ;)

5. I bake good bread. I am loved for my bread. And mini cupcakes which aren't really cupcakes but I don't know what else to call them. People love those, too.

6. Gosh. Two more? Really? I can turn anything into a song. And any song into a differnt song. Even people who know me well do not really know this about me. It's more like a superpower. Secret n' stuff.

6.1 Because it was hard to come up with 7 and I did and then I remembered I was gonna say: I know how to find out about things. I am a wealth of information. People really dig this about me.

7. I am a girl. I like being a girl. I like being treated like a girl. I like who I am. This is what really, certainly, honestly, makes me awesome.

So there ya go. If you think this was easy, you are dead wrong.

I will pass it along to seven people so awesome they will not have the same trouble I had.

1. Michelle @ AutnieThesis

2. Jessica @ I Like

3. Carolyn @ Carolyn in Carolina

4. Erin Jean @ From Son Up To Son Down

5. Amy @ Resourceful Mommy

6. Erin @ It's Your Movie, You Can Sing If You Want To

7. Tiffany @ The R Family Diaries

And now for the 2nd Award: The Zombie Chicken Award!

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all...

Now, I am not one to argue with the zombie chickens. Never, not once, have I had a spat with zombie chickens. I pride myself on my ability to get along with all zombie chickens. So, without further adieu, here are the Five blogs lucky enough to be chosen by me for this award:

1. Stimeyland

2. The Pioneer Woman

3. It's Your Movie

4. The Bloggess

5. Bern This

Sadly, I fully expect somewhere between 1-5 of the blogs mentioned above will ignore this. But this is about you getting good blogs to read, so there they are. I know one blog was in both categories, but that is because, well, one blog is in both.

Note to Stimey: I'm sorry about all of this. First it was your eyeballs falling out (or at least the threat of it) and now I'm sending zombie chickens after you. It was not planned. Really. Also? My mom did read the blog entry about the note (the one I begged her not to read) and she thought it was funny.

Update: It has been over an hour and children 3 & 4 have still not responded. It's obvious they are putting a lot of thought into this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fairy Blog Mother Indeed!

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I want to say thank you to Annette, My Fairy Blog Mother for helping me out by creating this great new template. I have a lot to learn to get it all tweaked, but I love it and I hope you do, too!

Right now there are buttons which do not work and other things to be fixed. But you can enter the giveaway and leave comments about how pretty everything looks.

***Also, you can take three extra entries in the giveaway for adding my button to your blog.***

Update: I think everything should be working fine now. If you come across anything quirky please let me know so I can work on it. Thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Because

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Click here for the recipe

Just because the urge hit me, right now, at 11:40 PM on a Sunday night, I am going to have a contest. Four winners will each get a dozen cupcake pops, made by me. You can see a lot more about these cute little goodies by looking at the previous few entries on this page. You can even see how to make them. Your cupcakes will probably not have the sticks in them. This is because I think they will travel more securely without the sticks. They are too cute to get all squished.

Here is how you can win:

This is your mandatory entry:
You must Leave a comment telling me what you like to make. Or what you like that other people make. And leave a link to it so we can all go see it if possible.Or just any respectable comment, really.

*No whining, though. Nobody needs to win baby cupcakes, seriously. Do not leave me a story about how your neighbor has this cousin who has a baby who has a dog needing a quintuple bypass and these are the favorite treats of the dog. You will be disqualified. Also? Don't feed these to your dog! Okay, back to our scheduled programming.

Then, you can do these things for additional entries.

***NEW Add my button to your blog for 3 additional entries. Leave a link so we can see.***

Follow me on blogger and you can take an extra entry. Be sure to leave a comment saying you did.

Follow any/all of my other blogs on blogger for an extra entry. Leave a comment here so I know. They are listed across the top. If You Could See What I See, Auntie Kitten, & Suck/Rock.

Subscribe to this blog or any/all of my other blogs and leave a separate comment for each one.

If you blog about this you can give yourself 5 additional entries. Yes, really, leave 5 comments for your 5 entries. Leave a link to your blog so we can see.

Really, you can do whatever you think is worthy of an entry and give yourself an entry. So many of you know the drill.

Tweet about this giveaway (you can do this as often as twice a day) and come back here and leave a link to your tweet. In case you hate thinking up your own giveaway tweets here is one you can use:
"Win a dozen gourmet cupcake pops at Funnel Full of Soup"

This giveaway will end at whatever time on May 1st I get around to doing the drawing. Because it is all about precision with me.

Good luck everyone!

Monday, April 13, 2009

How To Eat A Cupcake Pop, As demonstrated by Haley

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First you have to carefully devise a plan.Then you make your attack.
Round and round you go.
Now you're getting the hang of this.
You have conquered the cake pop! You are victorious!
It doesn't hurt to have the most beautiful blue eyes, pink lips, and all around prefect cuteness. Add the sweeter-than-a-cakepop personality, and you will soon rule the world.

*photos taken by MVOM (My Very Own Mother)

Easter, Take Two

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Another picture of more Easter cupcake creations.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Easter. Take One

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A tray of baby cupcakes.
Cakepops were easier than I had imagined. We had fun today.
Some of the pops wrapped. Allison said I should sell them.
We just tried a lot of different ideas today to see which ones we liked.
pTo give you an idea of scale: This cupcake has an M&M on top and is sitting in a Princess House Crystal coaster.

Today we made baby cakes with strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting. It's a good thing we used the cream cheese frosting. They are sweet enough without adding butter cream frosting to the mix.

Some of them look more like something Alice would have seen in Wonderland, and some of them are plain old adorable. We have more ideas now about what to do (and what not to do) for when we make the next ones. Next up will probably be red velvet.

To make the cupcake pops we just poked a hole with a toothpick in the bottom of the cupcake and then dipped a lollipop stick in the same flavor chocolate as the bottom and pushed it in. Gently. If you are forceful you will break through the top.
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