Thursday, April 16, 2009

More pics of CuppyPops


  1. I really love your cupcake pops. So adorable! I have never done the actual cupcake pops, just the Easter cake pops. I'm going to have to venture out. Good job! They look great.

  2. Your cupcake pops are cute. I thought that the pops looked harder than the baskets - I think you would find the baskets quite easy though I did have help from my husband. There are a few toothpicks here and there :-). I will have to explore your blog a little more. i have a recipe one as well but am not to good about keeping it up
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

  3. My goodness, they look professional! They are certainly addictive, both to make AND to eat! You had some very cute ideas about how to decorate! I may borrow (steal) some of them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tammi these are beautiful! I love the colours! If I had time i would make them for the weekend for my FIL's 90th birthday party!
    Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  5. Thank you for stopping by Dillypoo Chatter! It's always nice to see new visitors. I guess I'll have to try the mini cupcake pops next. Yours turned out really cute! Your blog(s!) look like lots of fun. I'll bookmark them and drop by again.

  6. I can't resist any longer. If I win don't tell Tracy because I am so going to eat them all the day they come! Anyway, I like to bake- anything new and different and challenging. And I like YOU to make me cupcakes.

  7. Wow, these do look awesome, you are making me hungry!!!


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